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Vang Vieng Bars Closed After Rowdy Parties ! ថ្ងៃពុធ 18 ខែមករា 2012

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Authorities in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province, have closed seven bars on Kang Island after finding alcoholic drinks laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms being served to tourists. The bars had also been the subject of years of complaints from local residents regarding loud music.

In 2007, the district issued regulations and fined several bars for failing to comply, but the situation didn’t change. When warnings were issued, bars would simply continue as before, serving alcohol and playing loud music after closing time. Some bars were also illegally employing foreigners for marketing purposes to promote their business.

The island attracted young tourists from Europe, Asia and North America because of its nightlife, saying the rest of the district lacked entertainment venues. The bars have brought in income for local people but they give the town a bad image, tarnish the country’s reputation, and go against Lao culture.

Local people have called for the bars to be closed many times as they disturb their sleep, and the authorities gave bar owners ample time to change their ways. However, the bars continued to disobey the regulations, so the authorities have now ordered them to shut down. Some of the bars are being allowed to stay open so long as they don’t play music.

The district is working with authorities from the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to issue stricter regulations that would penalise bar owners who continually fail to comply with orders. The authorities had also asked the tourist police to help with security, as often tourists disobey village security guards.

Official say that the district is now welcoming tourists for Visit Laos Year 2012, so good security and the reform of Kang Island’s image is essential. Vangvieng district earned 43 billion kip from tourism last year.

Kang Island became well-known for its bars all over the world after various clips were uploaded to YouTube.


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