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Democracy behind bars: A look at the cases of 5 jailed Asean leaders ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ 27 ខែមករា 2018

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OVER recent decades, Asean countries have made moderate headway in maturing as democracies set against the backdrop of growing economies, dissipation of wide-scale violence, and concerted efforts to stabilise the region.

But despite the unanimous decision to support a 2012 declaration, where Southeast Asian leaders agreed human rights and democracy were engines of progress, the question as to whether its governments have been sluggish in adopting the principles of freedom of speech and expression remains.

Often times, their countries are swamped with accusations of authoritarianism by their Western counterparts.

And with many opposition leaders and activists currently sentenced to prison – for varying reasons, of course – it is little wonder why human rights groups and advocates have been hot on the heels of the governments over alleged abuse of power and politically motivated prosecutions.

With that in mind, the Asian Correspondent has come up with a list of prominent leaders who have been sentenced to years of imprisonment.

Read more at https://asiancorrespondent.com/2018/01/democracy-behind-bars-look-cases-5-jailed-asean-leaders/#BQ1RwZ6qxGrxH71Z.99

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